From David Rose:

Two weeks ago this coming Thursday I drove with 11 others in MINI Coopers (24 people, 12 cars) to James Bay. The Bay is just below Hudson Bay, and is technically attached to the Arctic Ocean. Most of us returned home Tuesday. People drove from as far away as St. Louis and Georgia, and one woman flew in from California. This was a repeat of my October, 2003 trip with Jay Gettinger, only more cars, and this one was in winter.

Everyone had a simply spectacular time. (Some less than others, granted, but I loved it.) I have posted pictures and written this up here:

Some highlights: Of course, I drove most of the way with the top down. Yes, it’s cold, but it’s air temperature cold (which hit -30C) I’ve never been in temperatures that low and I have to say it was incredible. THAT’S cold. With the windows up/top down combo, air does not blow into the car, so if you can take cold, it is more than doable. Of course, dressing helps. There is a picture of my shotgun and me (who was driving at the time) dressed for success.

I also rolled the MINI. Not something I would recommend you try at home. We were about 160 km in to a road that is 614 km long, with one stop area in the middle. I was doing about 100kph and hit an ice patch just before a curve. The details are in the story, but suffice it to say I am not only fine (save some frostbitten fingers) but wow, that too was incredible. I emerged unscathed and in a very cheery mood (probably because I was able to emerge at all!). Anyway, while it is nothing I want to repeat, landing upside down in a car and walking away is something else.

Oh, not only did I walk away, I drove the car home.

So, physically I’m fine (I clarify that because I know many of you think mentally I’m completely unbalanced). Please stop by the page if you get a chance and read what’s going on, or at the very least, push my counters up 🙂

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