The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just released the side crash results for small cars. However, they excluded the Impreza, Civic, and MINI because they “will have new design features that are intended to improve side impact protection.”

“MINI COOPER design changes underway; to be tested in late 2005”

So I assume MINI is making some mid-year safety improvements for 2005… or perhaps for 2006. But am I right in thinking that the next, “all-new” MINI is scheduled for 2007? Or could it be sooner… hmm.

Thanks Michael for the info. It would be my guess that they didn’t test the MINI due to the new advanced airbags that have just been introduced this past January. It would also be my guess that the MINI would fair much better than the competition due to being equipped with not only the typical side airbag (located in the seat) but also the standard upper air bag that spans the length of the interior. Add to that an incredibly stiff structure and the active safety inherent in all MINIs, and you have one of the safest small cars available.