Last week we ran a story on the JCW Brake kit and the discrepancies about what OEM MINI wheels would actually allow the upgraded calipers to fit within the wheels. So far we’ve had some several answers from MINI and not all of them have been the same. With that in mind a reader recently wrote JCW to see if they could clear up at least one aspect of this continuing discussion:

With the kit, you include a yellow sheet that lists all of the compatible wheels, but there’s one in particular that intrigues me:

Original MINI 16-inch alloy wheel (6.5Jx16 inch IS48 styling R94) Part number 36 11 6 768 977

Which wheel is the R94? I can’t seem to find a mention of an “R94” wheel on any of the MINI wheel info pages online. Could this possibly be a typo, where you meant to say R84? (R84 are the 16 inch X-Lites)

Please clarify – or is the R94 a new factory wheel that isn’t available yet?


Thank you for your enquiry. The R94 wheel is the latest five spoke alloy wheel 16inch 6.5×16. These are the only 16 inch wheels that the brake kit will fit under. I hope this helps to clarify what they fit.


Tony Franks
Chief Engineer
John Cooper Works

Hope that helps a bit. The R94s were introduced in 2006 and are also known as the “Bridge Spoke”. MINI also included this list with their initial press release on the kit:

  • R85 17″ S-Lite Wheel
  • R87 16″ Double Spoke Wheel
  • R90 17″ Two Piece Cross Spoke Wheel
  • R91 17″ 5-Star Bullet Wheel
  • R95 18″ John Cooper Works Wheel
  • R98 17″ Web Spoke Wheel
  • R99 17″ Double Spoke Wheel

You’ll notice the R87 [shown here in Quicktime] is the only 16″ wheel that fits according to this list. In contrast here’s the list that JCW themselves releases with the kit that advises the shop on what will fit:

  • John Cooper Works 18-inch alloy wheel (7Jx18 IS62 Styling R95)
    Part number 36 11 6 764 104
  • Original MINI 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Original MINI 16-inch alloy wheel (6.5Jx16 inch IS48 styling R94)
    Part number 36 11 6 768 977
  • Original MINI 16-inch winter alloy wheel (5.5×16 inch IS45 styling R87)
    Part number 36 11 6 755 814
  • 15-inch steel emergency wheel for the rear axle only (3.5Bx15 inch IS35 emergency wheel)

So I suppose the next question would be – has there been anyone out there that has successfully fitted the JCW brakes to any other 16″ or 17″ wheels not mentioned in the second list? Hopefully we’ll have more on this soon.

(Thanks Edge!)