Volkswagen of North America said Thursday it hired Kerri Martin to the new post of director of market development, putting the former MINI executive in charge of advertising, promotions, marketing strategies, and public relations.

While at MINI, Martin was often mentioned as the guardian of “brand soul” for the small BMW-owned car line. She was instrumental in introducing the new MINI to the U.S. and directing a marketing effort that vaulted MINI to high brand awareness and over-achieving its sales targets.

[ VW Hires MINI’s Martin For Marketing Moxie ] The Car Connection

MF Analysis: While Martin had an undeniable role in MINI’s marketing success, I wouldn’t get too worried as a MINI enthusiast. First off MINIUSA will undoubtedly be able to attract the best and brightest to any open position – especially with their history of excellent marketing. Further, they still employ the services of Crispin Porter & Bogusky who have done a wonderful job of cultivating the brand.