Here’s a great question we get every year when the weather starts to turn a bit warmer (from Greg):

As it is now into the very first few days of Spring, I am now looking forward to the wonderful weather Chicago brings us in the coming months. That said, I am looking forward to bike rides in and around Chicago. I am however looking forward to bike rides elsewhere as well.

This brings me to bike racks for the MINI…
There are many different models out there and I was hoping others in
the MINI community that have done the “field research” could chime in
with their thoughts on the different bike racks they recommend and

I don’t plan on any extremely long rides, but a good 100 mile drive (each way) with two bikes strapped to the back of my ’05 CR/W MCS is certainly within the realm of possibility.

I also don’t want to have to curb my driving style much, if at all, if I can avoid it with the bikes strapped on. I’d love to attach the
bikes and still take extremely spirited drives, let alone go twisty

Thanks to all that respond and thanks for posting this as I hope it is a helpful post for many others besides myself.