This news comes from Dave Bunting:

Tony Nuzzo and Nuzzo Motorsports have been racing two MINI COOPERs in the Grand American Road Racing Cup since the 2003 season.

Some may recall earlier this year that Nuzzo Motorsports announced it would no longer be racing MINIs after sponsorship fell through. Fortunately, after that announcement, Tony Nuzzo was able to solidify support, and will be racing in the 2005 Grand Am Cup series with two MINI COOPER S race cars.

The Grand Am Cup Series kicks off the 2005 season at California Speedway (Fontana) on April 1st and 2nd. Nuzzo Motorsports will have one Cooper S race car at the event. Friday afternoon is a practice session. Qualifying and the 200 mile Grand Am Cup race both take place on Saturday April 2nd. For Los Angeles area attendees, additional details regarding scheduling and discounted tickets can be found here.

The next opportunity to catch the Nuzzo Motorsports MINI COOPERs is at Laguna Seca on April 29th and 30th. Both of the Nuzzo Motorsports MINIs will be competing at Laguna Seca. The first practice session is late in the afternoon on Friday the 29th. Saturday the 30th will be a full day with another practice session, qualifying, and the 200 mile (90 lap) Grand Am Cup race. Anyone interested in attending from Central or Northern California can find additional information about the Laguna Seca event here. There will be an announcement soon regarding discount tickets for Laguna Seca on MotoringFile and North American Motoring.