MINI2 has the scoop on what could be in the next MINI Diesel:

It would appear the MINI One D could be a thing of the past, as MINI furthers it’s co-operation with gasoline engine partner PSA Group, it looks as though the engine currently powering the 206 GTi Diesel (among other Peugeot, Citroen and Ford motor cars), will be the unit to pull along the next generation MINI Diesel.

Initially we were under the impression the new Diesel would be around 90bhp (still a possibility as there is a 90hp version of this engine used, for example, in the Ford Fiesta Zetec S Diesel), however latest information leads us to believe quite firmly a version of the 110 bhp unit will be installed in the new MINI diesel, which BMW expect to account for more than 15% of overall MINI sales at it’s peak.

You can read the entire story below:

[ 110 bhp Unit for MINI Cooper Diesel on the Horizon? ] MINI2

MF Analysis: With BMW committed to bringing a few select diesel BMW’s to the states in the coming years, it would seem that the next diesel equipped MINI may have a fighting chance of coming stateside. It doesn’t hurt that this engine also has more usable power than the current MINI One D. Something Americans tend to always approve of.