Normally we don’t mention regional newspaper reviews of the MINI. They are typically full of errors and omissions and often lack any opinions that would be considered interesting to an enthusiast crowd. However I have to hand it to Sam Moses of the Portland Tribune as he sums up what we all love about the MINI far better than most reporters. All that and he managed to only get one fact glaringly wrong (bonus points for the first one to spot it). Here’s an excerpt:

Question: How many times can you write about the Mini Cooper and still have fun doing it?

Answer: As many times as you can drive it and still have fun doing it – inestimable if not infinite.

This time around, my test Mini was the Monte Carlo Rally commemorative edition, with some decals and stuff, which I find trivial. And Mini sure as heck doesn’t need to be resting on the laurels of its 1964 victory in the rally, which put the motoring world on its ear and got a lot of attention, even here in the United States.

I’m not sure of the Mini’s demographics, but I’d venture a guess that very few of its buyers today are as old as that victory anyhow. Over 40, anyone?

And if you do own a Mini and you’re over 40, not only do you think young, but you know a great car when you’re behind the wheel of one. Just ask Mark Wigginton, general manager of Portland International Raceway.

The Mini succeeds on so many levels. It’s fast, it’s safe, it handles like nothing on the road – and it’s even roomy inside. At least in the front seat.

You can read the entire article here:

[ Wonder car: 2005 Mini Cooper S ] Portland Tribune