Inspired by the recent Counterfeit
spot currently running on cable television, I
decided to look up more commercials of our beloved
car. Only a few have aired in the US, and most of
those (along with ones featured in other countries)
have already been discussed here. But while searching
around I came across a few I hadn’t seen before, and
thought I’d pass them on:

That Car

Break that back-end loose – you gotta love the last


Fast-n-furious, with a twist. Unfortunately, those in
the know get the joke early, since we all know a MINI
tach when we see one…

While these ads may not be new (dated 2004 and 2003
respectively), they both capture the thrill of
motoring and slight cheekiness of the MINI brand. Both
ads were produced by WCRS, an agency in
London that’s done work for both MINI
and BMW.

And, just in case you hadn’t noticed before, you
can always check out more videos by following
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