From (translated from Dutch):

Mini has been working together with Bisazza (an Italian design brand) and presents four Mini’s that have been dressed up with mozaiks. The four Mini’s premiere on April, 13th at the Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milano, Italy.

Zebra, Summer Flowers, Tartan en Dama: those are the four
themes. In total, 142,700 glass mozaik tiles were used on the cars. Responsible for the designs are Bisazza employees’ Carlo dal Bianco and Marco Braga. The key element in the design is that the patterns and colours are in harmony with the shape of the car in all three dimensions. Both Mini Cabrio’s used 31,700 tiles while the closed Mini’s have 37,000 each.

You can see more photos with the original story below:

[ Mini aangekleed ]

Thanks Laurens for the translation!