No word on if the next generation MINI Diesel will come over but at the very least diesel fans have something to be hopeful about (from Autoweek):

“It’s not a question of when to introduce it but how to go forward in the United States,” said Burkhard Goeschel, BMW AG’s board member for r&d. “We can meet 2007 emission standards. Diesel should have a place in the American market. High torque and low fuel consumption make it the most useful engine for an SUV.”

Goeschel told of BMW’s plans here last week at the SAE World Congress.

BMW offers diesel engines in all but two of its models sold in Europe. Nearly one-half of all BMWs sold in Europe are powered by diesels.

In the United States, federal clean air regulations being phased in over the next four model years require low-sulfur diesel fuel and low-emission engines.

[ BMW to bring diesels to U.S. ] Autoweek

MF Analysis: Okay, a diesel powered SUV is probably the most obvious (and safe) choice for the US market. However I would like to think that a small diesel to take on the uber hybrids could be a money maker and a press generator for BMW & MINI. For those that missed the story a few months back, here’s the latest info on the next MINI Diesel: Next Gen MINI Diesel Revealed

The new range of low polluting and high MPG diesels are everything hybrids should be, but with torque. For those that don’t know much about the performance of a modern diesel considering this. The BMW 330d pumps out over 400Nm of torque (peaking power at 1750) yet averages over 40mpg. Naturally, it’s a safe bet that the proposed diesel for the next MINI will be even more fuel efficient.