I’m happy to say that after less than a week on the market my 2002 MINI Cooper is in the process of being sold. While I had a couple of very interested parties (and three offers in total) the MINI went to the first person to actually see it in the flesh. I’m excited, the buyer is excited, everyone’s happy.

However now I need to think about my next MINI. First off I know it’ll be an MCS. I’ve had my Cooper for three years now and I’d like to try something different. I also know I need it to be as black as possible (“how much more black could it be? the answer is none. None more black“). I’d like the car to have a much different personality than my indie blue/white Cooper. I also am pretty sure I’ll need 18” JCW wheels. I know there are downsides but I simply must have them.

Beyond that I may go with some or all of the following: Sport, Premium and Cold Weather packs as well as chrome trim (inside and out), LSD, anthracite dash, octogan cloth/leather seats, rear foglight, anthracite headliner and maybe a few other bits. So my question to the educated MINI owning readers of MotoringFile: how would you spec a new 2005 MINI? Is there something I’m missing in this list? Is there something you’re missing on your current MINI? Specifically for those that have upgraded from older MINIs, what features have you found particularly nice?

I’m hoping that this will help not just me but all those readers (especially those new to the MINI world) who are also in the process of ordering their car. There are lots of options, and as a newbie, it can surely be quite confusing.

Now, on to step two…