Well not quite. The first were actually used for the tunnel chase on the new Italian Job. That said this looks to be the first road-worthy electric MINI available. Here are the details:

Whistler Investments has successfully provided the British Embassy in Mexico City with the World’s first lithium-powered Embassy vehicle.

The British Embassy Mini Cooper is powered by a state-of-the-art power plant producing zero emissions whilst providing high performance. This model is of particular interest to international governments as it is a prime example of sustainable zero emission transportation. Whistler Investments will produce several models of the Mini Cooper as well as the PT Cruiser for government fleet replacement.

The delivered Mini Cooper produces the following performance statistics:

Speed: Up to 90 mph
Range: Over 100 miles – adding more battery packs will more
than double the range
Power: 2 kilowatts
Battery Packs: 56 volts, 56 amps
Battery Weight: 210 lbs
Charge Time: 1-8 hours with either a 110-120 or 220-240V; 220-240 V gives a faster charge
Battery Charge Lifespan: Over 1000X

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The electric MINI will be featured on the WB11 morning show Friday April 22nd. (check your local listing)

via dbmini.us