Here’s another exclusive MotoringFile scoop that we have just confirmed.

miniAccording to a few sources, BMW and MINI are considering some type of plan to buy JCW and bring the entire program in house under the umbrella of BMW’s Motorsport division. For those that don’t know, the Motorsport division of BMW makes the acclaimed “M” cars for BMW. It’s a little unclear how and when this will happen but I’ve been told to “not expect anything for a few years”.

It would seem the first steps of this change will be MINI fitting JCW parts at the factory in Oxford England starting with November production this fall (a story we broke a few weeks ago). However the real benefit of this change will be the JCW offerings for the next generation MINI which fits the “couple years” timeframe perfectly. Just imagine… JCW MINIs being tested along side of M3s and M5s on the Nurburgrung!

One of our sources went on to say that if for some reason the plan doesn’t move forward as proposed, apparently BMW and MINI are ready to use the “M” division to pump out performance MINI’s without JCW if need be. But even if that comes to fruition (which is probably unlikely), don’t expect to see an MCS M anytime soon… our sources are adamant that BMW won’t market the Motorsport brand with MINI. That will remain BMW exclusive.