As most readers of MotoringFile know, last year Getrag built and tested an all-wheel drive system that works within the limited space provided by the current MINI’s chassis. Since then there have been several persistent rumors that the next generation MINI (debuting as a 2007 model) will eventually offer AWD MINI sometime during it’s life-cycle. According to a couple of the rumors I’ve heard, it would seem the next MINI’s chassis has been developed with an eye towards eventually incorporating more than just front wheel drive.

Well it seems AutoExpress has finally picked up the story (never too late!) and is running an almost laughable one paragraph teaser in their latest edition. Here’s an excerpt:

A four-wheel-drive MINI has been developed by German transmission firm Getrag – and the system will appear on production cars in 2007. Called the Twinster, the technology turns a front-drive chassis into 4WD by adding new components.

[ MINI’s Gripping Tale ] AutoExpress

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