And what is GDI you ask? GDI, or gasoline direct injection, is a method of fuel delivery that the next MINI engine (code names Prince) will feature. This article by Autoweek (actually written for Automotive News Europe) does a great job documenting GDI’s short yet interesting history and making the technology behind it easier understand. Here’s an excerpt:

Performance-tuned GDI engines with turbochargers or superchargers can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 7 percent. BMW says the turbocharged version of its PSA joint-venture engine gets 15 percent better fuel consumption.

In many ways, GDI technology development parallels modern common-rail diesel engines.??>One similarity is using common-rail systems to boost the pressure of diesel fuel delivered to injectors. Pressures that once were 580 pounds per square inch are now up to 1,595 psi. Krebs expects gasoline injectors to rise to 2,176 psi.?

[ After rocky start, direct-injection engines make a comeback ] Autoweek

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