The Italian Job Coaster at Paramount Kings Island can’t claim to be the fastest coaster out there. Nor can it be called the tallest or scariest. However, what it can lay a claim to is simply being one of the most fun rides around. Its combination of speed, banking, back-drop and theme make it one of those rides that just about anyone will enjoy.


The ride starts out with a quick acceleration to a series of tight 360 degree turns all while climing elavation fast. Once through the “parking garage” you find yourself in what looks to be some back lot movie set. The next thing you know a helicopter is “firing” at you and there are small controlled explosions to either side. A quick spray of water (from the explosion) and you’re off once again. This is probably the most contrived portion of the ride… but then again isn’t that the point?

The ride continues twisting and turning (at one point making a tight banking turn at 88 degrees) before heading through a darkened section that really was the highlight. It’s in this portion of the ride that I really found myself lost in the idea that I was actually in a high speed chase following another MINI. The key to this for me were the accurate taillights (at least in the dark) that do a great job of mimicking what a darkened chase of a MINI would be like.


I have to admit not having the highest expectations for the coaster going into the first ride. However I can honesly say that it was a great time and I would highly recommend it if you can make your way to Paramount Kings Island this summer. In fact the only real complaint I have with the ride was that it was simply too short. Of course I suppose that’s also part of the fun.

The Italian Job Coaster is located at Paramount Kings Island just outside Cincinnati Ohio. It’s considered an “intermediate ride” and shouldn’t really cause anyone to lose their lunch. The cars are small (go figure) but at 6’2″ I had just enough room to fit inside without any issues. If you’re looking for the ideal time to visit, you may want to check into the MINI event scheduled for June 18th that was mentioned last week on MotorginFile.