This news comes via an MF reader:

Finally there is word on the sequel to the remake of The Italian Job. Yet sadly there is still no confirmation on the return of the cast’s most important members, the three MINI Coopers. From this posting on Dark Horizons it looks as though
Paramount may actually be considering blasphemy by courting other car manufactures to provide the film’s cars. Is anyone else here interested in setting up a petition?

“Director David Twohy (“Pitch Black”, “Below”, “The Arrival”) has set up a trio of writing assignments, one of which will turn his original heist pic premise into “The Brazilian Job,” the sequel to Paramount hit remake “The Italian Job” reports Variety.”

“Paramount is expecting the entire original cast to head to Rio de Janeiro for the sequel, and the studio is already being courted by automakers eager to exploit the resurgence that the original pic created for the Mini Cooper.
F. Gary Gray will return to direct.”

  • Avitor