For those that continue to be concerned about the 2007 MINI’s upcoming German engineered powerplant, we’ve got some reading for you. The first story from from Edmunds Inside Line and among other things, delves into new details about BMWs plans for a ultra hi-tech hybrid powerplant (last part of the article). While there’s no way to tell if this engine (or others mentioned in the article) will eventually make it to the MINI, it should provide a good example of the kind of wicked cool engineering BMW is capable of.

[ Interview: BMW Tech Guru Dr. Raymond Freymann ] Edmunds Inside Line

Secondly we’ve got an article by the about BMW again winning the engine of the year award. This time for the mighty V10 found in the M5 and M6. Naturally we’ll never seen something like this in a MINI (oh the humanity!) but you start to get an idea of what kind of minds are working on BMW and MINI engines. But first place wasn’t enough… they’ve also grabbed second place as well as with their twin-turbo diesel.

[ BMW wins International Engine of the Year 2005 ]

These stories will hopefully help put in context some of the information we’ve learned (and will learn) about the next generation MINI engine. An engine that BMW has engineered from the ground up to be a truly modern 4 cylinder powerplant. With PSA’s logistics help and ability to give BMW economies of scale, the lump beneath the bonnet should be truly impressive.

You can read a detailed technical assessment of the engine here.

And if you want a nice, broad overview, you may want to check this out.