This new product info comes from MINIUSA Press:

Motoring into the great wide open requires functional fashion sense — and a sense of fun. MINI USA introduces the latest “must have” apparel: the Expedition Jacket and the AIRVANTAGE(TM) Vest, featuring built-in options for hydration, extra warmth and cooling down after those exhilarating road trips.

Only an adventurous brand like MINI could inspire multifunctional outdoor wear that’s ready for all sorts of possibilities. Outdoor enthusiasts and motorists alike will enjoy gearing up and navigating the open road with the Expedition Jacket and the AIRVANTAGE(TM) Vest. Both pieces in the MINI MotoringGear Collection are waterproof and made of warm yet breathable fabrics, so they can handle various weather elements.


Airvantage Vest (unisex; black – $165) – features inflatable and adjustable insulation. Its outer layer keeps liquid moisture from penetrating and its inner structure helps the body’s natural cool down process, allowing perspiration to escape. When the user inflates the vest with an intake valve, it provides a layer of warm air for insulation between the outside temperatures and the body. Ideally, removing one layer of dress will provide the most comfort. Releasing the valve adjusts the air chambers.

The Vest also features a rain hood that zips inside the fleece-lined collar; two bottom front snap pockets; an elasticized waist and the unmistakable checkered racing flag pattern that runs underneath inside collar. The Vest’s shell is 100 percent polyester and the lining is 100 percent polyurethane.


Expedition Jacket (unisex; black with rust orange siding and blue and black sleeves – $215) – Featuring a refillable hydration system with a drinking tube that attaches to the right front shoulder for easy access, the Expedition Jacket quenches your thirst while it keeps you dry. The integrated backpack, which zips into the back of the jacket, can store the user’s belongings and unzips for quick unloading. There’s even a compass in the left front pocket attached to a small plastic coil that can be unhooked to help navigate those unexpected turns.

The Expedition Jacket also has a handy inner zip pocket and on outside snap pocket on the upper left sleeve, as well as an elasticized hood and waist. It is water resistant, and has a 100 percent nylon shell with a mesh, 100 percent polyester lining.