From a MINIUSA Bulletin:

“Aftersales is pleased to announce the release of the retofit kit for the Center Armrest.”

“The optional armrest for the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S is now available for the older MINI vehicles as a retrofit kit. The armrest comes in a silver or anthracite finish to match the interior of the car. An integrated box offers additional storage space for small items. The rear cup holder for the back seat passengers can still be used and the armrest can be flipped back, if not needed.”


“The kit includes the armrest, a special adapter plate for MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S produced prior to 07/04 and all the hardware required for
installation. A new emergency brake cover is required and needs to be ordered as a seperate item.

Parts Information:
Center Armrest, Silver: 51 16 0 398 630 $250.00
Center Armrest, Anthracite: 51 16 0 398 467 $250.00

Additional Parts required for retrofit:
E-Brake Console
Convertible 51 16 6 958 577 $$53.25
Hardtop 51 16 6 958 575 $45.26

These parts are now available.