Here’s a story that’s been in the MF inbox for awhile just waiting for a day like today (from frequent contributor Timothy Sipples):

Mini has a major role in the season finale of the BBC’s new Doctor Who, with a new MINI featuring as an extra. This episode (Season 27 Episode 13, “The Parting of the Ways”) aired in the U.K. on June 18, 2005. North American viewers can watch this episode (and
the Mini & MINI) on Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) this Tuesday, June 28th. No U.S. network is yet broadcasting the new Doctor Who, but most PBS affiliates carried the original Doctor Who series which ceased production in 1989.

In this scene, the Doctor’s human companion, Rose, is trying to pop open a TARDIS panel with the help of her boyfriend…and the power of his classic Mini. We know from an earlier scene, with a new MINI in the background, that the TARDIS is in present day Earth. We also know, from another earlier scene, that there be Daleks!

Earlier in the season Rose’s boyfriend drove a classic VW Beetle, but there’s no continuity explanation for his new taste in vehicles. Viewers can only assume he got wiser.

Doctor Who, Daleks, Mini, and MINI. Now that’s British.

Okay I admit… I have no idea what any of this is. But I have a feeling a few of you might.