This past weekend I spent a few hours applying several coats of Zaino (ZFX+Z2 Pro / Z5) to my new MCS. As a long time Zymol fan I was thoroughly impressed with the Zaino experience. And the outcome is just fantastic. However with that said, the results I’ve gotten with Zymol over the years are certainly enough to keep a jar on my shelf.

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed that this topic is absolutely sacred to many auto enthusiasts. It would seem that about 33% of the MINI community has one answer when it comes to wax, the other 33% has another and the last 33% has no idea what wax is. Okay, while it may not be quit that simple, there are sitll plenty of opinions to go around on this topic. So let’s hear them. What kind of automotive wax (or polish in Zaino’s case) do you use and why?