As one might expect the US will be doing things a little differently than the rest of the world when it comes to the new 2006 colors. First off here’s a recap of what colors are coming and which are leaving us for that big used car lot in the sky:

Being introduced: Space Blue, Solar Red, and Royal Grey
Going away will: Jet Black, Electric Blue, and Solid Gold

Now, the rundown on model availability of the new colors:

  • Solar Red (Cooper hardtop and convertible only)
  • Space Blue (Cooper/Cooper S hardtop only)
  • Royal Grey (Cooper/Cooper S hardtop only)

The new silver bonnet stripes, silver roof, and silver mirrors (seen on the Checkmate package) will also be available as options on both the Cooper and Cooper S for most colors across the range.

You can get a better look at all three new colors below (those in the US can disregard the stickers on the Solar Red and Royal Grey MINIs – we won’t be getting those):

[ Space Blue ] [ Royal Grey ] [ Solar Red ]

We also have a couple of color availability changes to mention:

  • Liquid Yellow will be dropped from the MCS altogether and will
    now only be available on the Cooper hardtop and convertible.
  • Pepper White will now be available on both the Cooper and Cooper S convertibles.

Finally, one important note for all you Solar Red fans: you’ll have to wait for 10/05 production before it’s available.