Podcasting has officially spread to the MINI world. Don over at dbmini.us has posted his forth Podcast and it’s well worth checking out:

[ dbmini Podcast #4 ]

Congrats to Don for some solid podcasting work and some quality entertainment for all those who spend way too much time thinking about our cars.

Creating an entertaining Podcast on any topic can be daunting. First off you need to make sure you’re not boring. As someone who spent four years in college radio not too long ago, I can tell you that exciting people don’t always equal exciting programs. I’ve seen some great conversationalists turn into bumbling idiots when the mic goes live. Then there’s the whole issue of bandwidth, an issue that has personally made me think twice about posting a MotoringFile Podcast.

So the question; would you listen to a MotoringFile Podcast? Is it a monthly or even weekly feature that you’d like to see down the road? Or should we just stick to html and jpgs?