We’ve got a load of 2006 pricing scoops for you today. Everything from base prices for the entire model range to info on the new 2006 options and even the highly anticipated factory JCW pricing.

First off it appears as if MINIUSA as held the line on price increases for the start of the 2006 model year on all models except the hardtop Cooper S (which only goes up $200) Let me be the first to say well done MINIUSA. Here are the official numbers for each model:

  • Cooper = $16,950
  • Cooper Convertible = $21,450
  • Cooper S = $20,600 (up $200)
  • Cooper S Convertible = $24,900

(not including $550 for destination)

That said a few options have increased in price:

  • Metallic paint goes up $30 to $450
  • Sport packages go from $1350 to $1400
  • Premium Packages go from $1350 to $1400
  • Body Colored Dash gets increased from $0 to $200

Then there’s the Checkmate Package (for 10/05 production). MINI has priced this at a reasonable $2,200 for what really are quite a number of options. No complaints there from us.

The English Leather Seats (Code LNPN) that we mentioned last week will be priced at a very reasonable $1700. Again, a little less that I expected.

With the weakness of the Dollar against the Pound and the Euro it must be hard for BMW AG and MINIUSA to justify not moving the pricing up even more. It’s nice to see that they’ve held their ground so well.


Now for the news many of you have really been waiting for, factory JCW Package pricing. As we mentioned previously this package (code 3AL) will come with limited slip differential ($500), JCW Brake kit ($1056) and of course the JCW Engine Kit ($4775). Now add up those three and you get a surprisingly close idea of what the option costs. The factory JCW kit (including both options just mentioned) will retail for $6300.

MF Analysis: Yeah, a little more than many of us had hoped for. However it would seem MINI had to closely match the dealer installed JCW kits pricing so as to not immediately drop the value of those kits remaining in dealer inventory. They also have a good many customers who would be none too happy suddenly seeing something they paid $6,000+ for being offered for much less straight from the factory. So what MINIUSA has done is essentially cut out the labor costs previously tied to the JCW kit option. While I’m sure a number of you might not be happy with the price, I think it’s actually rather fair all things considered.

We’ll have further info on US specific 2006 model year options and pricing on Monday.