Cnet, long a destination for those looking for computer related reviews, has now starting taking cars for a spin. While you can imagine that they focus more on the technology behind the car rather than sheer performance, they don’t do a bad job of giving a good high-level overview in their write-ups. Recently they had a chance to take out the MCSc for a bit of testing. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

The Mini’s boxy, bulldog style and sporty performance make it one of the most fun-to-drive cars ever sold. And the convertible version just makes it more so, albeit at a $4,500 premium over an equivalent hardtop. However, that top is power operated and has a sunroof that partially opens. Premium and subcompact may seem contradictory terms, but not here.

Not only do you get Mini’s trademark style, which has been subtly freshened this year, but parent company BMW has made nearly all the advanced electronic systems offered in its own cars standard or available in Minis. Rain-sensor wipers, park distance control, a trip computer, a DVD-based navigation system, Sirius satellite radio, and a Harman Kardon DSP stereo can all be had.

[ Cnet Reviews the MINI Cooper S Convertible ] Cnet

While Cnet’s overall ranking might ruffle a few feathers (they gave the MCSc a 6.8 out of 10) you may want to take a look at other reviews for a numeric comparison. You’ll find the MCSc actually scored quite well.

(Thanks Angelo)