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There’s a new ice cream truck rolling into town and Edy’s Dibs bite-sized ice cream snacks are traveling in style — in the hippest and littlest ice cream truck ever to hit the road. The World’s Littlest Ice Cream Truck is on a 10-city cross-country tour this summer to introduce Dibs … The next little thing in ice cream.

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Edy’s wanted the perfect ice cream truck to deliver these mini treats, which led to the creation of the World’s Littlest Ice Cream Truck and a partnership with Ron Canyon, one of the edgiest motor makeover artists. Canyon Motors has created customized cars for some of the top celebrities including, Jennifer Lopez, Lebron James, Faith Evans and Busta Rhymes.

Canyon and his talented team have transformed this shiny red Mini Cooper into the next generation ice cream truck. This Dib-ified little truck is the most high-tech and functional of its kind. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology including 32- and 23-inch LCD flat panel TV’s, a Mac Mini, iPod Mini docking station, touch screen applications, wireless internet access, an exterior Web cam and a freezer drawer that slides out of the back via remote control.

To add the “bling” to this hip little ice cream truck, it sports 19-inch spinner wheels, as well as flared fenders, an extended roof with a rag top and a custom sound system that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. When kids see this ride, they’ll be screaming for more than just ice cream.

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