Here are a coupe of questions from the always overflowing MotoringFile inbox from Ralph:

First, before the Mini, I’ve never owned a car with a CVT + Steptronic. The dealer told me when driving in Manual mode to shift at about 4200 RPM. But when starting out in 1st, the engine sounds like it wants me to shift at just over 3000 RPM. Where can I find info on what the ideal shift point RPM’s are ideal for each gear(MPH)

Second, the ’04 MINI did not have the Auto-dim rearview mirror as a stand alone option. It could only be ordered with the Auto wipers. In ’05 MINI offered the Mirror as a stand alone option. Since I would like this option, is there anyway to get it. I asked the dealer and he suggested I go to tap plastics and get some plastic film and put it on the mirror. No way.

Does anyone know if MINI can install a Auto Dim RVM in an ’04 Mini?

Thanks for any help

I suppose I’ll start this one off with my stab at the first question:

[ CVT Driving Technique ] MotoringFile

[ The Theory Behind the CVT ] MotoringFile

As far as the second question goes… I’ve got nothing. Anyone?