Forbes recently ran a story about the best cars for singles and not surprisingly the MINI made the list. Forbes named the MINI as the car to buy when “you’re paying off grad school”. Here’s an excerpt:

The Mini Cooper is a great bet for those first years out of school, when you’re in debt and establishing a credit history: It is affordable, but also a solid investment. Just as you hope your graduate degree will give you a leg up on the competition, buying a Mini will give you a leg up when it comes time to trade it in; according to Kelley Blue Book, the Cooper is among the ten vehicles that best retain their value.

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Of course they’re not even mentioning the incredible handling and dynamics that make the MINI such a great buy for the enthusiasts… but then again Forbes isn’t exactly geared towards the enthusiast reader.

And for those that just can’t get enough of these OC inspired articles, MSNBC has another one for you. I promise it’s vaguely MINI related:

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