The lightweight MCS is just one of thosoe rumors that doesn’t seem to go away. Paul over at MINI2 has been adamant (in the face of some skepticism) that it will be built and released before the current generation car is out of production. Yet we’ve seen very little mention of it in the standard automotive press and I have yet to hear any specific rumors myself.

Now it would appear that has picked up the story from MINI2 and added a few wrinkles. Here’s an excerpt:

A Mini enthusiast Web site says the lightweight Cooper S will probably be announced at the Frankfurt auto show next month, and the model will be a strictly limited edition probably 2,000 cars worldwide.

Weight savings of around 15 percent have been made by using carbon-fiber body panels, a stripped-down interior with racing-style seats, acrylic rather than glass windows, and lighter door casings, side panels and dashboard.

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Interestingly I also heard my first bit of direct rumor on this model just yesterday as well. While none of it’s confirmed and I certainly would put this in the category of rumor, it’s interesting nonetheless. Here’s what I was told; MINI will indeed be producing this car during the 2006 model year. It will be introduced this fall and also seen at the MINI United event (as I had guessed awhile back). Basic MINI bodies will shipped from the Oxford plant to another location where they will be finished with copious amounts of carbon fiber or aluminum (possibly including that mysterious carbon bonnet seen recently) and a full array of JCW components. Apparently the car is being described internally as the MINI CSL.


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