Winding Road is chock full of MINI related info in this latest issue. In the past several issues Winding Road has been counting down the top 50 driver’s cars and in this latest issue they’ve finally revealed the top ten. In a move that recalls a similar ranking by Evo a few years ago, the MINI has come in at a lofty 3rd. What’s ahead of the Cooper S? Well that would be a sleek little coupe from Stuttgart and some mid-engined monster from Modena. Here’s what they had to say about the MINI:

In a world where colossal SUVs rule and boys dream of decadent Maybachs or 600-hp supercars, it would seem there is little room for a diminutive hatchback with about a quarter of an Enzo’s power. The explosive little Mini, however, can hold it’s own in today’s daunting world of automobiles. It’s backed up by a heritage of conquering Goliaths, and after driving one it’s not hard to see how the little Brit could win rally stages.

The unbelievably nimble chassis is easy to chuck around in ways that don’t seem healthy for such a tiny object, and the lack of power can actually add to the fun because momentum and smoothness become more important than all-out speed. The steering and chassis fuse beautifully to reveal the car’s limits and communicate what the wheels are doing. Efficient, cheap, and light is a simple idea, rarely done well. The Mini pulls it off with stunning results.

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