There’s no word on whether MINI will be using a system like this but it’s fascinating nonetheless (from Reuters):

IBM is set to give details Tuesday about plans to sell sophisticated search technologies allowing automakers to cut warranty expenses, which cost the car industry about $14 billion annually.

Automakers could cut warranty claims 5 percent by using such technologies, which go beyond the “keyword” searches used by consumer Web companies and which mine a variety of information sources such as repair records and Web logs, or blogs, IBM said.

Such searches could reduce the 260 days it typically takes for a report of a mechanical problem to reach the engineer who designed the faulty part, said Linda Ban, global automotive leader at IBM’s institute for business value in Southfield, Michigan.

[ IBM to help carmakers cut warranty costs ] Reuters

(Thanks Timothy)

It would seem to some degree that MINI monitors sites like MotoringFile for this purpose currently. The immiediate example that comes to mind was the hood rubbing issue we helped shed some light on a few years back.


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