Since we last mentioned the rumored limited edition lightweight MCS, we’ve received a bit more info on what may or may not be coming down the pipeline.

First off it’s our understanding that this project was, until very recently, still up in the air in terms of the final approval. The main issue appears to be time-frame. With the release of the next generation MINI scheduled for the fall of 2006, MINI will have to rush through design, logistics and then production of the MCS Lightweight for it to be a reality. And apparently there in lies the issue.

It’s also our understanding (as we mentioned previously) that MINI will potentially be outsourcing some of the manufacturing of the car if it does indeed go into production. The hot rumor is that the car will be built by the Bertone Group in Italy sometime during the summer of 2006. We’ve also learned that this car isn’t nessecarily as tied to the JCW brand as once thought. In fact it may be thoroughly different from anything we’ve seen come from MINI yet. Aluminum panels and a less is more attitude could make this MINI a very different beast altogether. That is of course if it gets the go ahead.

Finally we just learned that MINI may be planning on a debut for the car (or a concept of it) at the Frankfurt Autoshow which starts next Monday. It would certinaly be odd timing considering the first concept of the next generation MINI would conceivably be along side it.

For those that might have missed it previously here on MotoringFIle (and MINI2), here’s a quick run-through on the rumored specs:

  • 15 percent lighter
  • Extensive use of lightweight materials (most notably aluminum)
  • Lighter glass throughout
  • Bigger Brakes
  • Full array of JCW go fast components
  • 2000 released worldwide

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