From MINI Press:

In August, dealers delivered 14,055 MINI brand vehicles to customers (prev.yr.: 11,815/+19.0%). In the first eight months of 2005, 13.3% more MINI, or 139,291, were sold (prev.yr.: 122,978). The front-runner for MINI sales is still the country of origin of the MINI, the United Kingdom, where 29,432 MINI were delivered in the year up to August (prev.yr.: 27,342/+7.6%).

With a growth rate of +27.4%, MINI has developed at an above-average rate in the USA. With 28,983 MINI delivered in the period ending August 2005 (prev.yr.: 22,753), the United States are only just behind the United Kingdom. In the internal comparison of MINI sales up to and including August, the German market, with 21,218 automobiles sold, is in third place (prev.yr.: 18,635/+13.9%).


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