Here we go with yet more details on the rumored (and looking more real everyday) lightweight MCS. The Automotive News breaks some juicy details in this week’s edition a potential power output and that all important question of price:

Bertone will build 2,000 units of a high-performance version of the Mini.

The two-seat Mini by Bertone will have a 225hp gasoline engine. It is expected to be sold worldwide at prices starting at about E30,000.

The BMW contract will help the Italian coachbuilder survive difficult times. Without the Mini deal Bertone would have no cars to build next year. It currently builds the Opel Astra convertible, but its successor, the Astra TwinTop, will be produced at Opel’s plant in Antwerp, Belgium, starting next year.

[ Bertone will build Lightweight MINI ] Automotive News

MF Analysis: A couple of nice new bits of info here. First off the 225hp number is a new one to me. This would indicate BMW will not only be lightening up the car but also massaging the JCW kit a bit to increase power output. And based on the info in our latest article (The Rumored Lightweight MCS Part 3), US sales are looking a little more probable.

It’s also nice to see a rumored price point finally mentioned. Now before everyone gets their currency calculators out, MINI typically sells cars in the US much lower than a straight currency conversion would indicate. So if the Euro price hits the 30k mark, I would speculate the US will see something just over $30,000 dollars. We should have more on this in the coming weeks…


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