This comes from reader Olly Male:

Last Friday I had the JCW Cooper Sound Kit fitted to my MINI Cooper.

The kit comprises of an upgraded air filter system (with an extra filter above the fuse box), New cat back exhaust, upgraded engine software, engine badges and a badge on the back of the car. According to JCG it improves BHP by about 5 BHP, not a great deal but this kit is all about sound improvements. I paid 715 for the kit fitted (it retails for $1100 in the US) and had it all fitted at John Cooper Garages themselves.

The new exhaust is the first thing you notice when you turn they key, it has a nice low tone to it, nothing over the top but definitely a nice improvement on the stock system. Around town it is slightly noisier than the stock system, on the motorway at cruising speed the extra noise is not noticeable until you put your foot down where the air filter makes a nice noise.

The new air filter kicks in the extra noise around the golden 4500 mark, and makes a superb noise to go with it (see sound clips) Again not noticeable when just cruising around

It’s difficult to say what the remap has done because of what the exhaust and air filter are doing to the way the car drives. However it has stopped the spluttering at tick over.

In summary, I think this is a great bit of kit. It gives the car a sportier note, gives you more low end grunt around town and makes a glorious noise at the good revs

I would really recommend this kit to any Cooper owner.

Sounds clips: Standing Outside / From a Standstill / 30mph 2nd Gear


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