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Sales of the MINI are expected to reach a record 200,000 this year, says the Independent, and annual production – which has already been raised to 230,000 cars after additional investment this year – is expected to expand further still with the launch of the next generation Mini in 2007.

This will lead to extra jobs on the assembly line at Oxford as well as in the body pressing plant in Swindon. The total number of new jobs could reach 6000 once the Hams Hall Plant in Birmingham begins to produce new engines for the Mini.

[ Booming Mini sales could create 6000 jobs ]

Nice to see the MINI’s success translating into jobs for folks in the UK. And for those curious, yes the new BMW designed engine will indeed be built at Hams Hall in the UK (as we had previously mentioned). It’s looking like the next generation MINI will be quite the all British car.

Big thanks to Daanesh for the tip.