Even with the MINI plant in Oxford churning out cars every day of the week, demand is still quite high – especially in the US. In fact many parts of the country still have long wait lists and even dealer mark-ups. As a MINI owner and enthusiast this all sounds quite nice. High resale and a rather exclusive car are certainly all perks. However the outlook can be a little different at the dealer level. Here’s another view on the topic of sales that a Sales Manger at a MINI dealer sent me recently:

You may want to make a side note to your last article. Our “sales” numbers are merely a reflection of (and limited to) our allocation. In the last 6 months, we have never had more than 2 in-stock, unsold MINI’s. Most of the time we have zero. Each month we loose dozens of customers to other manufactures due to our lack of inventory. If given a chance, those #’s would be much different.

Certainly puts those monthly sales increases in perspective. You may recall the new MINI USA Vice President James L. McDowell saying that he’d like to see MINI’s US sales double over the coming years. With the MINI Plant undergoing a 200 million dollar expansion, it looks like he’ll soon get the extra production capacity to make that happen. Especially if MINI Dealers continue to see such high demand.