(Reviewed by Lucas) Just installed the dual tip Remus exhaust on my Cooper. This is actually the same kit that is used by German tuner AC Schnitzer kit. The exhaust looks well constructed and everything seems to be made of pretty good quality stainless steel. However it is not a true cat back exhaust, the installation requires cutting of the stock exhaust after the cat.

It is extremely similar to the single tip Remus exhaust that many Cooper owners have and was reviewed on MotoringFile a couple years ago. The main different is the addition of the second muffler, the larger, main one connecting on the right side to a smaller second one. The exhaust tips are 3 inches in diameter with the Remus logo on top and are round in shape.

I have a 2005 Cooper and the exhaust hanger seems to be the same as any other 2002+ Cooper as well, so fitment was perfect. However, I did have to take off the spare tire because of the extra exhaust tip. It took my installer about 1 hour to install the system. Most of the time was spent on cutting the bumper just right and adjusting the left side tip to the correct angle.

Overall I’m very pleased with the system. It looks great, really enhances the look of the Cooper in my opinion. However it is a little bit silly to have 2 big exhaust pipes from a 1.6L engine The sound at idle is a nice deep burble, and I like the little popping sound when the engine revs down too. Surprisingly it is hardly any louder than stock. From 2000-4000rpm it does have a slightly lower tone and a bit louder than stock, and 4000+ it sounds pretty much just like stock. It has basically no sound at all on the highway, however it is a tad louder than stock cruising at 120km/h (75mph) due to the high rpm (3700rpm) the cooper revs at. The overall volume is within 10% of the stock exhaust system.

If you want a system that gives the cooper a unique look, and relatively quiet performance, this is a very good system. But if you’re looking for something louder or something with performance gain as the #1 priority, I suggest something else. Butt dyno and my G-tech timer shows virtually no performance gain from the Remus exhaust.

Exhaust sound clips:

Remus Dual Exhaust sound from the driver’s seat (Windows Open) (184KB mp3)

Standing start, revving in 1st, 2nd gear, and cruising at 80km/h in 5th (292KB mp3)


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