Dan over at dcmini.blogspot.com has a great write-up concering the growing problem with the ever popular web-spoke wheels. Here’s an excerpt:

The Problem:
Sometime in the middle of June I noticed a consistent clicking upon each revolution of the wheel. I initially noticed it coming from the front left wheel but after I had others people lend me their ears, I was told that it seemed to be coming from the other wheels as well.

The Cause:
My diagnosis, which is the only one at the moment, it that since the web spoke wheels are a two piece system, the two parts seems to be moving or making and breaking contact with each other at the mating surfaces.

A few conditions have to be met to cause the very noticeable clicking. 1. It has to be hot outside. 2. It has to be humid outside. 3. the wheels have to be broken in and rotating.

You can read more from Dan below:

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