We left Frankfurt on Thursday night and drove the first strech to a small village near Zürich in Switzerland. On the next morning we woke up with beautiful sunshine. A perfect day to go across the Alps. So we decided to go over the “Klausenpass” with an altidude of 6404 ft. It’s a small road that continuously winds up and down the mountains. A spectacular experience.

Our next stop was at the St. Gotthard highway were we met about 15-20 MIINs from the Netherlands.

We then followed two Swiss MINIs until Como where an official MINI meeting point had been organised. Parma ham sandwiches, Espresso and other nice food was served. We meet Roberto & Sylvia and Sylvio and his three Ragazze which invited us to follow them through Italy. Speaking of Italian driving … it’s as bad as you can image!

We stopped on the way in Bologna, a beautiful old university city. At Bar Zannardi we enjoyed an “Aperitivo”. As a bonus, when you ordered any drink, you could help yourself to the cold antipasto buffet (yummy!).

Finally late last night we arrived in Misano where the party was in full swing. Roller blading on the race track, DJs, food and great people.

This morning we decided to hit the track and do a few laps with our MINIs. It’s free for anyone at MINI United. Just sign up in one of the organisers tents and get a slot to give it a go.

And to all awaiting news about the new lightweight special version MCS … no sign of it yet.