I just came back and the next few days look busy so I won’t be able to write a proper wrap-up. But I wanted to share at last my pictures and a few highlights that made this weekend very special. You can check out the photos here.

  • The first beautiful sunny Friday morning when we drove on small twisty roads towards the ‘Berner Boden’ an elevated plain in the Alps. From there we crossed the ‘Klausenpass’ (6404 ft) and drove down to the entrance of the ‘St. Gotthard’ tunnel.
  • Roberto & Sylvia and Sylvio and his girls showed some Italian hospitality when guiding us through the traffic on the Italian motorway and especially through Bologna inner city. There we enjoyed the old town quarter after finding a trusty garage to park our MINIs in.
  • A truly great event at Santa Monica Race Track, meeting a lot of people form all over the world and making new friends.
  • Lunch in Rimini on Saturday at ‘Osteria del Porto’, Fresh home-made pasta and fish that has jumped from the Mediterranean straight into the oven.
  • The drive back north on Sunday. We didn’t organise anything but a multi-national parade of MINIs self-emerged on the motorway until we had to drive off at Como.

Looking forward to the next MINI UNITED

[ MINI United Photos ] Philip Hubertus