Sniff Petrol, the Onion of the automotive world, unleashes it’s usual healthy dose of sarcasm on the new MINI JCW GP:

No sooner has BMW released details of the long rumoured ‘hardcore’ Mini Cooper S Works GP than one enterprising independent tuning firm has announced its own bargain priced equivalent. The Cooper S HIT is the brainchild of popular tuning firm MiniTweak of Watford and the company claims it will be more than a match for the lightened, more powerful factory effort. “Our first job was to extract more power from the engine,” says MiniTweak boss Flimsby Conbdthwike. “So, to offer a bhp increase in line with what BMW have achieved what we’ve done is to retain the existing supercharger but to mount it in series with a small child’s windmill, such as one might buy at a garden centre”.

Although MiniTweak claim that this modification is unique to their
tuning package, a quick look at the official Works GP power increase suggests BMW may have done something very similar. However, the GP isn’t just about barely more power; it’s also about weight reduction, and Conbdthwike is confident that here too his company can match the factory’s efforts with their lightening programme. “To achieve the kind of weight loss that BMW has managed with the Works GP takes almost some doing,” he confesses. “But I think we’ve managed it. First of all, we take out the back seat and throw it away. Then we go to the pub. It was a lot of effort, but we think it was worth it.”.

And there’s more of that biting English sarcasm at the link:

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