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>It was the sort of bend that front-wheel-drive cars like the 167bhp Mini Cooper S really hate: a tightening downhill left-hander. To make matters worse, the road was streaming wet after a recent cloudburst and rivulets dribbled across the gleaming tarmac.

>It’s such situations that get modern traction and stability control systems working overtime as they try to curb wheelspin and maintain grip. Dashboard warning lights flash in front of you like demented Christmas decorations.

>But not in this Cooper, as the electronic stability program (ESP) has been deliberately deactivated. So, heel-and-toe down into second, turn the car into the bend and bury the throttle.

>Instead of understeering off into the Armco, or suddenly slowing as the engine revs are cut by electronic guardian angels, the car’s line tightens, the revs rise and we shoot through the corner like a ball on a roulette wheel.

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Since we know the fine folks at MINI read MotoringFile, I’m going to throw out a question to our readers. Show of hands, who would buy an all wheel drive MINI as described above? How much weight added is tolerable? How price added is tolerable?


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