>Rare, opulent, with unique celebrity status, the original Radford coachbuilt Mini was the ultimate motoring designer label of the ‘Swinging Sixties’. And now it’s back.

>All four of the Beatles had Radford coachbuilt Minis, and Peter Sellers bought one as a present for Britt Ekland – the couple famously pictured at Harold Radford’s main London dealer with Sellers at the wheel of the car, driving out of a giant birthday cake. Today, the Radford fame is rekindled in the new BMW Mini via exclusive coachbuilt conversions, the cars individually created to customer preference, echoing the same Radford craftsmanship and unique luxury status as before. Marc Eden, Managing Director of Harold Radford Coachbuilders (London) Ltd, explains that his company reflects the contemporary accent on design and styling while encapsulating the classicism and craftsmanship of British coachbuilding:

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[ Famous coachbuilding name returns with a new spin on mini luxury ]

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