Hard to believe that a large publication like the Washington Times is just now writing a review of the MINI range. Here’s an excerpt from an article that appeared in yesterday’s edition:

>Thanks to suspension and steering based on the BMW 3-series, the Cooper is nimble and highly maneuverable in any of its iterations. Consequently, even in the relatively underpowered base form, it remains fun to drive. Moving up the food chain, however, to the S, brings a more highly tuned version of the suspension along with reinforced anti-roll bars. For the extra bucks required, the S is the way to go. The additional juice and firmer suspension make a dramatic difference.

While it seems like a tremendous waste, a six-speed automatic transmission is available as a $1,300 option. Something akin to installing a handbrake on a roller coaster, the automatic dampens the overall Cooper driving experience. The money would be better spent on the Sport Package.

You can read the entire review below:

[ Mini offers maxi fun ] Washington Post