No word on US availability yet but at least it’s official in the UK. Here’s the full press release:

>The John Cooper Works engine tuning kit has been a great success since it was launched in 2003. Demand in the UK has seen one in nine Cooper S hatch owners opting for the upgrade. From this month, the tuning kit is now available for MINI Cooper S’ with automatic transmission.


>The JCW kit will push the auto-shifting Cooper S to 203bhp at 6,450 rpm with an impressive 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds; an increase of 33bhp over the standard MINI Cooper S. Offered as an aftermarket kit from all 157 MINI dealerships, the cost is £2,999 (excl. fitting).

>The Aisin six-speed transmission in a MINI Cooper S auto was developed to maintain the MINI’s traditional zesty drive. The close gear ratio settings ensure sharp gear changes and a dynamic driving experience that complements the sporty character of the MINI Cooper S. The great drive is further enhanced by the high level of standard equipment including Steptronic paddles on the steering wheel, limited slip differential (Ed. we believe this is a typo) and Adaptive Transmission Control (AGS). AGS allows the transmission to adapt over time to fit with the driver’s individual driving style.