For those of you curious to see what becomes of the MINI Motion line of products, it looks like we now have our answer (from MINI USA Press):

>Who waits to seize the moment? Urban adventurists make their own moments happen and need stylish, functional apparel that can keep the pace. Designed by Yves Behar of fuseproject in collaboration with DDC lab NY and MINI USA, the new MINI Motion apparel line combines cutting edge new materials with contemporary functional needs.


>Drawing inspiration from both MINI’s fun yet functional design and life in and outside the car, MINI USA introduces its second MINI Motion collection ranging from apparel with hi-tech features to accessories and luggage designed to create a seamless connection to life in constant motion.

>The Unisex Wax Jacket, Climate Control Jacket and the Hypa T are a mix of urban chic and rugged versatility. Each piece is manufactured using a patented technology to produce unique fabrics with thermal, moisture-wicking properties geared for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

>In addition to hi-tech fabrics, each piece in the MINI Motion collection features an inner pocket that holds an iPod, MP3 player or a cell phone so adventurers can remain connected and entertained every step of the way. Each garment also features a pass-through for MP3 or cell phone headset wires.

>This combination of stealth built-in functional features and style keeps travelers comfortably in motion- whether on foot, behind the wheel, in the air, or on the subway.


>MINI Motion is the signature collection of products introduced in 2003. Created from the energy and heritage of the distinctive MINI brand, MINI Motion defines the concept of ‘urban connected travel,’ featuring products that integrate the simple, everyday needs of travel inside and outside the car.

>Here are the latest additions to the second MINI Motion collection:

>Unisex Wax Jacket ($298) – With soft cotton inside and coated polyurethane on the outside, this jacket is the perfect marriage of natural and manmade materials. The fabric’s special coating gives it a “memory” that holds creases, giving the garment its distinctive lived-in appearance. The Unisex Wax Jacket is waterproof and features zippers along forearms and sides of the body to provide added flexibility and air flow when the adventure heats up.

>Climate Control Jacket (Men’s: $240; Ladies’: $235) – With a material that is neither knit nor woven, the jacket’s fabric is made from millions of polyethylene micro fibers that are exploded randomly, then specially reassembled to produce a super-resilient material, with a unique appearance and feel. The fabric’s unconventional structure allows it to breathe and wick moisture and is so resistant to compression that its thermal properties remain high even under stress. Random shading and subtle color changes have been engineered into the fabric giving it a unique distinctive look.


>Hypa T (Men’s Pullover $170; Ladies’ Zip-up $170; Ladies’ V-Neck $90) – The Hypa T combines specially treated high-density polyethylene fibers (more traditionally known as Tyvek®) with the same patented technology used for the Climate Control Jacket. Hypa T’s incredible stretch level and recovery, its advanced moisture wicking properties and its strategically placed venting eyelets is the perfect garment to help make long journeys more comfortable.

>Additional offerings to the second MINI Motion collection will debut in early 2006 and include the functional three-piece luggage set featuring a weekend bag, horizontal and vertical lap top cases created with a sleek, compact design for easy transport, but with ample space for the avid adventurer’s MINI Motion gear. A revamped MINI Motion watch will incorporate new details along with familiar features including the unique open wristband design that stays on the wrist without a fastener and the innovative LCD display allowing for horizontal or vertical viewing of the time, ideal for life in constant motion.