We expect quite a few subtle improvements with music and mobile phone integration over the years with the next MINI. However we’ve never really heard of specifics until a recent Autoweek article. Here’s the excerpt of interest:

>BMW spokesman Frank Schloeder says the carmaker’s target is to have a standard USB port so that all MP3 players can be used in the car.

>He said future generations of BMW’s cars will offer the feature, but he couldn’t reveal when.

You can read the entire article here:

[ Automakers strive to integrate digital music systems ] Autoweek

MF Analysis: USB will be a good move for BMW and the auto industry as a whole. For one it allows for a standard connection that is not manufacturer (ie iPod) specific. It also opens up the door a bit more on other types of integration. With a USB direct connection there’s no telling what could be thought up by the aftermarket in the years ahead.

While it’s likely that a feature like this will filter down to the MINI shortly after being introduced on BMWs, there’s no assurance that we’ll see this on the next generation MINI when it debuts late next year. Nevertheless, it’s certainly an interesting prospect.


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